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Spiritual growth


Berea groups are typically 6 to 12 people, and often meet in the homes of group members. The weekly meetings normally include

time for snacks and getting caught up, time to share the good and bad happening in life, prayer, and a discussion of the sermon

from the previous Sunday. All this takes a little over an hour.

When you decide to be part of a Berea group you are not making a life long commitment. You are saying you are willing to try it out.

If a group is a good fit, then enjoy the season's trimester together. If not, you can try a different group in the future.

Berea groups happen in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Berea Groups are great in theory, but if you want what they offer, you have to jump in.

CLICK HERE for: Berea Group Frequently Asked Questions

The Spring Berea Groups are now meeting. continue